who, what, where, and when?

Music is and has always been an essential ingredient in the human experience, heightening  special and momentous occasions. But exactly who, what, where, and when? Planning a wedding can be a complicated, overwhelming, and even stressful experience. This page is designed to help you streamline your process and to assist you in forming the musical outline of your day. To make things as clear and simple as possible, as you scroll down, each aspect of your wedding will be addressed in order from rehearsal- pre-ceremony- ceremony- cocktail hour- dinner- reception, each with atmosphere-appropriate suggestions.

As you scroll through, consider the suggestions but be sure to look at the offerings page and to listen to samples to find what is right for you.  Frequently asked: "Will a trio or quartet be too loud for the conversation of my guests?" The answer is typically "no", any ensemble is able to adjust volume appropriately for your venue, even with drums! One of the best ways to add life and energy to the atmosphere is by adding musicians in a duo or quartet. Enjoy, be creative, and please contact with your ideas!

rehearsal dinner

A time of great anticipation and excitement, the eve of the ceremony can be electric. Music from live musicians brings an air of possibility to the room. Depending on the venue, dinner-party size, and intended mood anything from a subtle, elegant classical guitar to a swinging jazz quartet will work.

Suggested ensembles:

  • Solo guitar 
  • Classical duo or trio
  • Jazz duo or trio
  • Acoustic singer duo or trio

Sound-system available: microphone for toasts or for recorded music.

Pre-Ceremony and Ceremony

The ceremony is really what your wedding day is all about! When the frenzy of planning, for 100+ guests, and the moment of panic, making sure the napkin rings match the boutonnieres, subsides, you remember why you are doing this: to bring together friends and family to celebrate your love and relationship. Live music is a must for this very special occasion. An elegant, reflective classical piece or a special song arranged just for this moment adds a personal touch to the uniqueness of this milestone in your life.

suggested ensembles:

  • Solo guitar 
  • Classical duo or trio

Note: While it is possible to have different ensembles for both your pre-ceremony ambiance and ceremony processional/ recessional, the transition is much smoother when you plan for a single personnel, even if you opt for a change in mood or repertoire.


Sound-system available: microphone for officiant and vows.

cocktail hour

A chance for friends and family, new and old, to catch-up, get acquainted, or just kick back and enjoy good company. More than a cover for the newly-wed couple's post-ceremony photo session and beyond a buffer between the ceremony and dinner, the cocktail hour offers the festive energy of renewal and celebration. Live music from a duo or trio can really bring the mood to life adding energy to a solo act and capturing the atmosphere in a way recorded music never can.


suggested ensembles:

  • Jazz duo/trio/quartet
  • Acoustic singer duo/trio 
  • Solo guitar


Breaking bread and sharing in good food, like music, has always been part of the human experience, fostering relationships, building connections, and giving people an opportunity to open up and form lasting bonds. Music provides the essential back-drop. Whether you choose to have a formal or more casual dinner, music is a must.  

Light ambiance from the solo guitar or duo, classical or jazz, can add the perfect touch. If you are having live music throughout your wedding or if your budget does not accommodate more than a few musicians you might consider using the dinner as a respite for the musicians and have recorded music.

suggested ensembles

  • Solo guitar
  • Classical duo or trio
  • Jazz duo or trio

Sound-system available: microphone for toasts or for recorded music.


Let the party begin! Perhaps one of the greatest celebratory experiences we can have in the course of our lives is found in the exuberant catharsis at the end of a friend's, family member's, or of one's own wedding day. Finding the right music for the occasion is important in bringing the party to life and getting everyone on the dance floor.

There are 3 basic options that couples commonly choose:

  1. Live Band
  2. DJ
  3. Recorded Music 

A 5 or 9-piece band can really add energy to the room and bring the party to life in a dynamic and responsive way that recorded music never can.

A DJ can still offer a voice in bringing the room to life and in leading the party but cannot create the atmosphere of real musicians spontaneously crafting the music on the spot.

Recorded music is a great option if your budget cannot accommodate a full band or if you want to hear the music as you know it and love it from the albums you listen to regularly but don't feel you need the extra presence of a DJ. This would put everything in your hands.     

important questions in planning your reception music

Your thoughts on the following questions will make the process of finding the right musical fit for your reception much easier!

  • Are you looking for a personality to guide the reception, leading dances, games, etc.?  Or, are you interested in someone that will be involved but allows the dancing to unfold more freely of it's own accord?
  • Do you have specific songs in mind? Or, would you be happy with a mix of requests and music of the artist's choosing?
  • What kind of music do you want? Current pop songs? Classic rock? Indie? Blues? Some mix of genres and styles?
  • Do you have a preference regarding instrumentation? Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Horn section, Male/Female singer?

There are many possibilities, and each has implications regarding costs and availability.  If you have a sense of what you are looking for from the start, that will help in getting you an accurate quote so you can plan and budget accordingly!

As you plan your wedding music, please keep in mind that David is available for each individual segment but is also available to arrange for the entire musical landscape of your wedding, serving as performer, planner, and coordinator for all things musical. This can help to alleviate some of the burden of searching for multiple vendors and can sometimes help consolidate the music budget.

A good way to start is to book for the pre-ceremony, ceremony, and cocktail hour (the core of what David does) with a deposit to hold the date and then work out the other musical details after - this way, you have secured your music even if some of the specifics are still a little hazy. Contact with any questions or thoughts.