Video clips

Prelude for cello by j.s. Bach 

This is an adaptation of one of Bach's best known pieces of music. Originally written for the cello in the key of G, this prelude works beautiful on the guitar in the key of D. Particularly uplifting and even transcendent this piece captures the unique mixture of intellect, creativity, and spontaneity that make Bach such a giant in the world of music, a true genius.

"Adelita" by francisco tárrega

The work of Francisco Tárrega speaks to the core spirit of Romantic Spanish music. His image, replete with cigar, is forever burned into my brain as the quintessential guitarist much like Picasso's "Old Guitarist". Tárrega's music is at home in the salons of the 19th century and conjures the intimacy and charm of the socialite old-world while remaining true to it's earthy gypsy heritage. This music would normally be played on a nylon-string guitar but in this impromptu video I played it on a steel-string. I think it sounds great on any guitar! The steel-strings definitely present a new character to the music.

Guitar and Piano Duo sampler

Guitar and piano are the perfect match for creating a sound that is larger than life. Because both instruments are capable of playing both chords and melodies, the result is a rich and full sound that suggests a larger ensemble. This video shows a few of the various styles and moods the duo is capable of producing including swing, latin, blues, and ballads. Complete takes of some of the selections may be found here: Complete Takes - YouTube playlist

Guitar Duo - "don't get around much anymore" by Duke Ellington

A Duke Ellington classic played with Josh Green. The jazz guitar duo is a very versatile combo. It can capture moods from the introspective and intimate to the outward and exuberant. I would say this example is somewhere in between. This particular duo, recorded on acoustic guitars, is reminiscent of the Gypsy-jazz style of Django Reinhardt. 

more videos coming soon!!! 

Check back for more videos. I have several in progress and am always looking for new content to keep things fresh and to give a more rounded and complete picture of everything I do.