Music - Duos

The guitar pairs beautifully with virtually any instrument. From refined classical to upbeat jazz a guitar duo really elevates the music to a new level that the solo guitar cannot achieve alone. Classic duos such as guitar/flute or guitar/voice or guitar/violin really open the musical texture and allow for a greater sense of detail, space, and fullness. Similarly, if you are looking to add a little more life and energy to the atmosphere, a duo is a great way to do it! A jazz style duo with sax, bass, or a second guitar can really propel the music into motion, possibly even inciting your guests into dance...

Below you will find some examples and samples of duos - if you had a special idea please contact with it and special arrangements can undoubtedly be made for something unique! 

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Guitar and Guitar

Better than one guitar is two guitars! A guitar duo really opens up the possibilities for the players who were previously constrained as a solo to fill the roles of melody, bass, and accompaniment all at once. The freedom permitted by the duo creates a really exciting opportunity for both musicians to stretch out and let loose a bit. Great for jazz and pop but also suitable for a quieter and more classical mood.

"Canción" from Siete canciones populares españolas Manuel de Falla (1867-1946) Andrea Veal, soprano

guitar and voice

Little is more familiar than the iconic singer/song-writer with a guitar. Be it Bob Dylan or Joni Mitchell or your friend on the couch, the sound and feeling of guitar with voice is unmistakeable. But there is also a vast repertoire of classical, Spanish, and jazz music written for the combination that really brings a human element to the music- think Frank Sinatra and Maria Callas.  

guitar and clarinet

Originally a classical instrument but quickly adopted by early jazz players in New Orleans, the clarinet is an often underestimated musical tool. Capable of melodic refinement worthy of Schubert and swinging syncopation that holds it's own next to Louis Armstrong, the clarinet balances well with the guitar and has a special old-world charm.

Jason Koerber with DWR at the Waterhouse in Peterborough, NH

With Jason Koerber, looking forward to those pies...