David William Ross is a guitarist of unique abilities.  Classically trained and deeply versed in jazz improvisation he infuses all of his performances with a nuanced, detailed, and complex musicianship.  An advocate of new music and genre stretching David is continually seeking a wider audience and an expanded concept of venue for presenting music.  Frequent collaborations with classical composers, folk/blues artists, and jazz musicians, as well as dancers, choreographers, and visual artists have all contributed to an enriched musical aesthetic as well as to an expansive sense of freedom in his playing regardless of style or idiom.  David has performed classical recitals throughout the United States and regularly performs jazz and blues in broader New England.  He has also premiered his own music for the guitar written to accompany dance for several companies including Dilettante Dance in Baltimore, MD and IBIT in Brattleboro, VT.  He often participates in the creative process working with dancers throughout the process of bringing their work to life.  David's compositional work often explores the temporal dimension of music and challenges the listener's concept and perception of linearity and narrative.  David also does frequent studio work including new music for nylon, steel-string, and electric guitars in both chamber and solo settings.    



David received degrees in guitar performance, music theory, and composition from Keene State College where he studied with guitarist/composer José Lezcano.  He then earned degrees from the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins where he served as assistant to the renowned guitar program studying under the tutelage of Julian Gray and was a frequent performer in the Manuel Barrueco masterclass.  David later went on to study at the Thornton School of the University of Southern California with Scott Tennant.  His jazz studies were with Draa Hobbs and Paul Bollenback; lute studies with Mark Cudek.


David maintains an avid teaching schedule working with a wide range of students. He has worked with young beginners, conservatory students, professionals, and adult enthusiasts. David currently serves on the faculty of Fitchburg State University, the Concord Community Music School,  and Elm City Music. He instructs college courses in music history, music theory, and jazz as well as students in guitar and improvisation. He also teaches courses in general aesthetics exploring music, visual arts, literature, poetry, drama, and dance with an emphasis on the creative impulses common to each. In addition, David has taught courses at Keene State College and the Vermont Jazz Center in music theory, ear training, and improvisation. He also works as a session guitarist for PARMA Recordings and has appeared on several commercially released recordings of contemporary classical music playing nylon, steel-string, and electric guitars both solo and in chamber ensembles.  

Credit: Boro Photography

Performing at the Tupper Manor in Beverly, MA

david william ross, instructor:

Leading the 7th grade at the Well School 

Leading the youth ensemble at the Jazz Center

at the Elm City Music BBQ

with Elm City guitar instructors Geoff Williams and Kurt Daniels

Leading the youth ensemble at the Jazz Center

Jason from Elm City Music assists at the Well

photography by Krista Duhaime